Red Arc Data

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Ever wanted to have everything you need to prepare clean, accurate, focused data for a campaign collected together in one place? Into a single tool that has ONE purpose – to make your data preparation simple, automated and unbelievably efficient??

Have you ever wished you just select what you want, want you want to happen to it, then let the tool get on with it?

We’d love to make it possible for you to do exactly that!

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Why Red Arc Data?

Red Arc Data connects Connect

Red Arc Data connects directly with your donor database to automatically synchronise your most current data without you having to do anything. If you have multiple sources you pull data for your campaigns from – no problem! – Red Arc Data can automate the whole process, giving you ALL your data in one place ready for that campaign!!

We have a range of CRM connectors out of the box (check them out below) – and as it happens, specialise in integration – so getting you connected will be a breeze!


Red Arc Data selects Select

Choose some of the segments from one of your segmentation templates.  Or simply define a selection from your pool of data. The choice is yours!

Red Arc Data allows you to select and dynamically preview the records you want to include in your campaign – from ALL of your data.

It gives you visibility and puts you in control.  And prepares the data ready for the next phase!

Red Arc Segmenter Red Arc Segmenter

Use tiered segmentations? Love preparing multiple queries then merging them into a single dataset?? Thought not..

Red Arc Data includes our Segmenter technology that can create tiered segmentations, with each donor only appearing in one segment, in a single operation..

Red Arc Segmenter

Reduce what can take half a day or more to a few mouse clicks.

If you’re doing direct mail.  We think you’ll thank yourself for using this!

Red Arc Data deduplicates De-duplicate

So your data is all connected in a single place, you’ve segmented it and selected what you want to include in your campaign, and you’re ready to go.

But then you realise Mrs S Green and Samantha Green are actually the same person, and your database also includes them as Sam Green with a slightly different address spelling. And then you find many more just like Sam!

Red Arc Data contains advanced de-duplication that detects matches using fuzzy logic that not only finds exact matches but also inexact matches like the examples above

No-one likes to receive the same communication twice – and you definitely don’t like sending unnecessary communication.

Red Arc Data puts de-duplication right there in the same tool for you to use for your campaign. Simple!

Clean and Enhance Clean and Enhance

Well segmented, de-duplicated data is good.  But why not take it a stage further?!

Red Arc Data has built-in features that allows you to verify your data against a number of lists. PLUS enhance it with additional information.

Such as essential process like checking against the Do Not Call register or verifying the address prior to mailing.

All be done WITHIN the tool! No more sending out files to cleaning services prior to campaign setup.

 If Red Arc Data sounds like something that could revolutionise YOUR campaign data preparation.

Just get in touch and we’d love to look how it fits into your organisation.

We’re all about the revolution!!

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