Ever feel like everyone’s talking about integration these days? But how do you know if integration would make a difference in your organisation??

Always happy to help, we’ve put together 5 tell-tale signs that could indicate you’re doing work that you don’t need to do, and missing out on the effectiveness connecting your systems can bring. Take a look – can you see yourself in any of them?

  1. Double entry, double the work
    Is the same thing being typed in two separate places all the time?
    Ok, we thought we’d start with the obvious. If this is you, please call us, call somebody! – you don’t need to be suffer this pain..
  2. Export. Import. Repeat..
    Do you regularly export something from one of your systems, only to import it again into another on a regular basis?
    Bit more subtle this one, but probably still eating up someone’s time unnecessarily.  Let me put it this way: imagine if you DIDN’T have to download that file from your Ecommerce site then upload it again into your accounts system, every day.
    Those systems are both yours, imagine if they could just talk to each other and all you had to do do was be impressed with the results??
  3. You’re getting really good with Excel..
    Um, what was your job title again?? Kudos to you for your awesome tech skills, but integration could mean that file you receive (you know, the one that’s almost in the right format, at least it is an hour later after those vLookups and applying that cunning formula you devised) is created automatically. Or better still, the information just appears in the application you need it in! Which would mean that all that creativity and problem solving you put into creating those mega-spreadsheets could be put to use on what you’re really good at – your job. You know it makes sense..
  4. You’re sure that information is somewhere..
    Getting serious for a moment – if you’ve given up on all the re-typing/excel-file-handling described above – you may well have also ended up with your information silo’ed into less than helpful pockets across your organisation.  Meaning reporting and/or access to information is time-consuming or completely impractical. Meaning you don’t do it..
    SO here’s our thought: if you could connect your systems together and pull meaningful reports WITHOUT the daily work you gave up on, wouldn’t you do it?  Of course you would! #integration
  5. If only I had time to..
    Mundane, routine tasks are taking your team’s time away from what they’re passionate about
    Here’s something we’ve noticed – introducing integration and automation doesn’t usually mean fewer people working at your organisation.  What actually normally happens is that the existing people have MORE time that can be spent on creative, meaningful activities,  because they have to spend LESS time doing repetitive, frustrating stuff.
    All of which means – people are HAPPY – and we all know what happiness does to productivity…

Does any of this sound like your organisation? – if so it’s time to look at joining the connectivity revolution!

Taking that first step to get connected is easy! Talk to us. #itswhatwedo

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Stu Hawkins

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Stu lives in Sydney, Australia and has been to known to actually get quite emotional when he discovers someone has been unnecessarily doing work that their technology could have been doing for them. Other things that get him emotional are the firm expectation that the England football team will one day have two stars on their shirts, the Portugese Restaurant scene in Love Actually, and pretty much anything his granddaughter does..

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