Bridging Connectors

We designed our bridging connectors so we could offer a cost effective solution for customers who whose connection requirements are straightforward, but they would still benefit greatly from the efficiency of automating (i.e. removing!) the work of getting information between their systems.

They are generally built using the Zapier platform (though we actually have a range of third party platforms we use) mostly using its custom app functionality.

This gives a great mix of custom development to meet your specific objectives, and an existing platform that gives an incredibly robust, scalable platform with inbuilt management functionality to view and manage your transactions as needed.

We LOVE Zapier actually, and we have implemented some pretty complex specialised workflows using it.  Plus both development and ongoing costs make it very attractive.

It does reach limitations though, usually when the processing you need en-route within the connector is becoming complex.

If that’s the case, and you’re looking to invest in a solution that will not only move data, but will actually make it work for you on the way – we reckon you could be looking for an Intelligent Connector Hub..

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