Red Arc Segmenter

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Segmentation is difficult, time consuming and is no-one’s favourite job. Yep, we said it.  And if you’re reading this, you probably already know it’s true.

You also probably already know how important well-segmented data is and the work that is involved in producing it.

AND you know producing a tiered segmentation by running a separate query for each segment, then using VLOOKUPS and other dark arts to merge and de-duplicate them is not fun and can take HALF A DAY OR MORE.  

It also requires a not insignificant skill level. And inevitably, with all this complex manual processing going on, subtle differences are introduced each time a mailing is produced meaning SOMEBODY gets the wrong letter.

IN OTHER WORDS it represents a significant amount of time, effort and skill and doesn’t always produce the result you were hoping for!!

Until now..

We’d like to introduce you to Red Arc Segmenter.

Red Arc Segmenter is an ultra-simple tool that is able to produce tiered segmentations in a single operation. It reduces the whole process from half a day to less than half an hour!
It also makes it INCREDIBLY STRAIGHTFORWARD. Making it a tool all your staff can use.

And by automating all the hard work of manually preparing data – you’ll not only save time and money but INCREASE repeatability and accuracy.

How does it do it?

Red Arc Segmenter connects directly with your donor database to automatically synchronise your most current data without you having to do anything.

Then we set up your unique segmentation template – which combined with your latest data mean accurate, repeatable segmentations are available to you at any time.

Which means you can cut processing time from half a day to half an hour.  (Did we mention that before?!) Oh, and that half an hour – that’s mostly your people deciding which of your people should get that amazing mailout – we process your decision in seconds.


If Red Arc Segmenter sounds like something that could revolutionise YOUR data preparation.

Please get in touch and we can discuss how it could fit into your organisation. Because YOU want to save time and automate all that tedious stuff – and WE love to help people do exactly that.

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The greatest system ever designed

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Everyone knows that great systems make your life easier – and everyone knows that COFFEE makes the world go round (at least before 11am!). Which means the system we’re about to describe HAS to be the greatest system ever designed – because it speeds the delivery of that double-shot ¾ full flat white that fuels your inspiration and all-round business prowess on a daily basis!!

Let me explain..

So this system doesn’t involve ipads, or touch-screens, or databases, or API integration. Actually, it doesn’t involve electricity at all. In fact, it is so deceptively simple, that you’ve probably never even thought of it as a system. But in actual fact its simple elegance contains systems genius – and has been accurately delivering the correct coffee to customers for years!

We are of course talking about the common (at least in Sydney!) practice of writing customer’s coffee orders directly onto the lid of the coffee to be made. This, in our humble opinion exhibits some pretty classic systems design features:

  1. Encapsulation
    The customer brief, the manufacturing instructions, and the final product are all intrinsically linked (they’re on the lid!) , ensuring accurate, accountable delivery of the customer’s requirements every time..
  2. Kanban
    I bet you’ve never thought about the fact that row of coffee lids bears an uncanny resemblance to a Kanban Board. But look again, and we reckon you’ll never see it in the same light again!!
  3. In built queuing (with dynamic re-prioritisation)
    An important client comes to you with an unforeseen urgent deadline (the boss just called!) – no problem – simply put the lid at the front of the queue!
  4. Tracking
    You can SEE how many back orders you have, what current demand is, whether you have sufficient capacity and raw materials. It doesn’t get much simpler than that..
  5. Resilience
    Barring a strong gust of wind, there’s really nothing that can go wrong. No system crashes, no internet reliance, even a power outage wouldn’t cause any lost data!!
    (the last example is of course largely irrelevant – because unless you just ordered a cold batch brew – there’s not going to be a lot of barista-ing going on without any electricity!)

I think we’ve made our case – but why are we telling you all this??! Well, partly so you can marvel at how clever baristas are. But mainly because we can all be tempted to throw technology or features at a problem in order to find a solution. But the truth is (and bear in mind we are in the business of developing technology!), Simple is usually best. And ultra-simplicity like the coffee-lid system (that consistently, efficiently and with incredibly low-friction produces exactly what you set it up to do) is where the real systems genius lies.

We reckon that’s thought of the day..