So by now you get that we connect stuff together.  To make those connections, we’re usually going to build you a connector of some kind. The connector is the pipeline through which information is passed between your applications.

Now sometimes the connector functions very much like a pipeline, stuff essentially goes from A to B.  

But sometimes the connector does something intelligent with the information as it passes through, like transform it, or combine it with other transactions and send them all together, or make decisions based on the content where to send it and how to send it. Whatever you need really.

And sometimes, the connector becomes the central hub in a whole ecosystem of applications, intelligently routing information between them, translated and enhanced where needed, making the whole system feel like one connected solution!

Red Arc Bridging Connector

Bridging Connectors

These are perfect if your objectives are fairly straightforward.  Extremely cost effective both to implement and ongoing, yet also robust, scalable and easily managed. They can still contain intelligent features, but are designed for simple scenarios.

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Intelligent connectors

Intelligent Connector Hubs

These are built on our own platform and offer complete flexibility in design, internal processing workflows and can connect to almost any system . They can even be used to combine data from multiple systems acting as a central hub routing information between all your systems.

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