FILES have had their day.

Join the growing community of not for profits and agencies directly connecting their data sources and removing the pain of managing & preparing campaign data the OLD way.

They’ve made their data easy..

Make data easy..

Why Red Arc Data?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a SIMPLE TOOL that meant you could SELECT the data you want for your campaign, SEGMENT it, DELIVER it securely & accurately to your supplier by just clicking ‘send’, then have all the RESULTS automatically flow right back into your system?

We think so too!  Red Arc Data is here to do exactly that..


Red Arc Data uses Connectors to integrate your CRM, Mail house, Call Centre.. or other suppliers

Think of quick, accurate and safe data delivered to your mail house or call centre at the click of a button. AND with results automatically flowing back into your CRM via the same connectors.

Red Arc Data Connectors already connect to a range of CRMs and as an integration company – we can connect your CRM if not listed below, just get in touch!

NationBuilder, Salesforce, Virtuous already Connected. Blackbaud coming soon!


Select exactly the records you want to include in your campaign using the dynamic query tool.

Organise the selected data into Campaigns. Then track them through delivery to results.

Setup real-time campaigns that automatically delivers new records that meet your criteria as soon as they are received into your CRM or other acquisition source.


Red Arc Segmenter technology that creates tiered segmentations, with each donor only appearing in one segment, in a single operation, is included FREE as part of Red Arc Data.

Simplify your tiered segmentations by removing the need to preparing multiple queries then merging them into a single dataset to provide live segmentation that is reusable for future campaigns.

Imagine reducing what can take half a day or more to a few mouse clicks. If you’re doing direct mail.  We think you’ll thank yourself for using this!

Check out Segmenter



Campaign results that flow directly back to your CRM as the campaign progresses.

No more uploading files. Results are received into Red Arc Data, where they can be reviewed, then automatically transferred to your CRM.

Complete data send and receive loop without a single file involved!

Red Arc is making data easy for