Engagement Tile Setup Guide

1. Login to your Raiser’s Edge NXT Account
2. On the top menu bar select Control panel → Applications
Step 1-2
3. Click the button Connect app
4. Enter the application Id 04783376-f29f-45b6-b2ce-ab4f60400b53 and click save.
Step 3-4
5. Open any constituent in RE NXT and scroll to the bottom. The newly connected Constituent’s Engagement Tile will be displayed at the bottom.
6. Click start setup to begin the initial setup process.
Step 5-6
7. Once you clicked start setup a new tab will open that guides you through the setup.
8. Enter your name and email and click confirm & authenticate.
Step 7-8
9. Authorise your Engagement Tile with your Raiser’s Edge NXT environment.
Step 9
10. Finish your setup and close the window to return to your Raiser’s Edge NXT constituent’s page.
Step 10
11. On your NXT Constituent’s page you are now able to setup your engagement score categories.
Click Setup configuration
Step 11
12. Setup your engagement score calculation by selecting a variety of RE NXT’s lists and assigning them score points.
Step 12
13. Once configured we will calculate and display the latest score value for your constituent’s record.
Step 13
Step 13