So.. you have this brilliant idea for how you can save your organisation time and money by getting software to automate  something people are currently doing manually.  You’ve pinned down all the things this new system needs to do, and you’re excited to get going and start gaining the benefits of letting your software do the work.

And now you need to figure out how to actually make it happen..

We reckon you have options:

  1. Find a single application that already does everything you identified in your requirements.  If you’ve found it, you’re winning!
  2. Develop a new, custom system from scratch to do the work.  
  3. Build a Connected Solution. Find apps that each do an individual part of your process brilliantly, and use integration to connect these together into a seamless solution.

Below is the solution Red Arc  developed for Mondial Fundraising to automate their recruitment and onboarding processes, which as they had grown, and the process was still largely manual, was beginning to take up a significant amount of time for their HR team.

Connected solution

Mondial’s connected solution for HR

Now when we say develop, what we actually did was source several apps that already offered great functionality for part of the process. Why reinvent the wheel?

What we used:

  • Workable (  Awesome application for managing the job  application and recruitment process. And it had a great API (of course it did!)
  • Xero (  Xero, as we’re sure you’re already aware will change your life.  Specifically, we used Xero payroll here, which Mondial were already using.
  • Webmerge ( .  Mondial wanted to automate sending personalised contracts to each new employee.  Webmerge was a great little app that did exactly that, really well. And all controlled through the API..
  • Mandrill (  We use Mandrill (from Mailchimp) a LOT.  We needed to communicate with the new candidates and send them some relatively complex emails.  All set up in stylish mobile optimised templates to make Mondial look great, first impressions and all that.. Mandrill does all that and with remarkably little effort.

What we did:

With all those apps in place doing the real work,  all we needed to do was tie it all together so Mondial users had a single interface to use, making it feel like a single system for them.

So we built a small web app, with a single web form and a bunch of integration code behind the scenes. This enabled their staff to:

  • Select and automatically transfer successful candidates form Workable
  • This automatically created users in Mondials other systems without the user having to do anything else (right there, an hour or more’s work down to a few minutes)
  • The candidate is then sent an automatic welcome email, prompting them to fill in further details for payroll etc on a web form
  • Once all details are collected. Mondial staff send the complete set of employee documents to the new employee via the same web form.

The Outcome

Mondial got a solution that met all their requirements, with each part of the process being done excellently (due to a dedicated app) with a great user experience.  Development time was low as only integration elements needed to be created. And the original objective (saving a LOT of time spent by HR staff) was over achieved.

WE got to have a lot of fun doing what we love to do – connect things together and create a solution that exceeds the sum of it’s parts!!!

And you? If all this has inspired YOU to join the Connectivity Revolution, build your very own Connected Solution, and start saving time & money too.

Get in touch!! We’d love to chat with you!

Stu Hawkins

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Stu lives in Sydney, Australia and has been to known to actually get quite emotional when he discovers someone has been unnecessarily doing work that their technology could have been doing for them. Other things that get him emotional are the firm expectation that the England football team will one day have two stars on their shirts, the Portugese Restaurant scene in Love Actually, and pretty much anything his granddaughter does..

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