Red Arc Integration

Red Arc Integration

Red Arc Connect is an integration platform built specifically for total systems integration. It’s a unique hybrid giving a fully CUSTOM solution built using EXISTING integration building blocks.

Want the ability to connect your individually awesome apps together into a connected whole?

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Raise your connector’s IQ

Sometimes you don’t just want to pass data from A to B, you actually need to do something intelligent with it as it passes through. Maybe transform it, or group it with other similar transactions and send them all together. Or perhaps you need your connector to make decisions based on the content on where to send it and how to send it.

Red Arc Connect’s custom processing allows you to do exactly that. It can automate complexity, resulting in simplicity for you!

And if you still need user control – we can include a web interface for user input and decision making.

Connect those boutique apps

If your preferred app has an API, we can connect to it. If it doesn’t, we have options!

Talk to us – if you already use the perfect apps to run your organisation – maybe getting them connected is all you need enter the Connected World..

Make EVERYTHING work together for good

Looking to make ALL your apps work together in harmony?? Red Arc Connect was designed with this scenario in mind! It has the potential to become the central hub in a whole ecosystem of applications, using multiple connectors and intelligently routing data between them, translated and enhanced where needed.

Making the whole system feel like one connected solution!

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Why Red Arc Integration?

Total Systems Integration

Red Arc Connect is provided as a complete solution, ready to start transferring data between your apps. We talk with you to determine your objectives in connecting your systems, propose solutions, then implement your custom setup.  Ready to go.

We believe in a Connected World. We don’t just want to give you great technology and leve you to figure it out – we want to get you connected!


The security of your data as it passes through our system is important to us, as is system availability. Consequently Red Arc Connect is hosted on AWS and all data is stored in Amazon RDS.  Which is a long way of saying infrastructure best practice.

 If Red Arc Connect sounds like something that could revolutionise YOUR systems.

Please get in touch and we can discuss how we can integrate your systems using Red Arc Connect –

we’re all about the revolution!!

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