Intelligent Connector Hubs

So you have System A, which produces information you need to have in System B.

Except it doesn’t just need to be in System B, it needs to be grouped into a single transaction for each of your customers, then delivered once a day, or week, or month. Or maybe it needs to be processed differently for each dept setup in System B (which System A doesn’t know about).  Or maybe the transaction sent from system A has to do two different things when it reaches System B.  Or maybe there’s a System C that needs to receive the results of what you just merged from System A with System B..

..or maybe [insert your extremely unique workflow here!] …

Our intelligent Connector Hubs are designed to do exactly what their name suggests:

  • Connect your systems meaning data gets from A to B without you having to do anything
  • With the ability to intelligently process/route/aggregate your data as it passes through
  • Have the ability to become the hub in the centre of all your systems making the whole thing feel like one Connected Solution

As they are built on our own Red Arc platform this gives complete flexibility over the design of the connectors and the workflows that join them together.  Plus we can add custom processing to do, well, pretty much anything needed – this is custom!

The platform itself provides features to view and manage the transactions passing through it. And it’s integral building blocks provide a unique blend of custom development within a consistent framework making it surprisingly cost effective.

Is that sounding like what you are looking for?  

If so, get in contact! We’d love to talk about how we might be able to help you get connected!

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