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Mondial switched to Xero accounts in 2014 and in the words of their CEO Ashley Rose “they haven’t looked back”.

Mondial Fundraising are a rising star in the not-for-profit call centre world.  They have made their name with their commitment to quality, their flexible, customer-centric philosophy, and their forward thinking software systems that underpin their business allowing it operate the way it does.

In keeping with this thinking, Mondial switched to Xero in 2014 and in the words of their CEO Ashley Rose “they haven’t looked back”.

Initially, invoices were still being produced in their in-house data management system and manually entered into Xero.  Seeing the opportunity, Red Arc began developing an integration to Xero earlier this year.  This integration is now live meaning:

  • Invoices are automatically generated from data collected from the call centre software
  • Once created, the invoices are posted directly to Xero

This process has reduced the invoicing process from half a day to around half an hour!

If you’re interested in getting data into Xero automatically, in real time, with no typing errors, in fact no typing at all – Talk to us!

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