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NXT Custom Tiles – Catalog

If only NXT did xyz

Does your imagination exceed your CRM’s features? Do you find yourself thinking “if only it did xyz I could get my job done easier”?? Do you have SO many ideas for cool things that would allow you to get back to what you’re really meant to be doing?! Raiser’s Edge NXT’s new custom tile feature gives you the ability to add those creative ideas right within NXT. Adding new features, giving you a window into other systems, and providing a framework to add functionality uber-focused on your organisation as if it’s been part of Raiser’s Edge all along!

NXT Custom Tiles – Catalog

Like regular Tiles, but custom!

You’ve always had tiles – they’re the boxes/sections on NXT pages. But it’s now possible to add custom tiles. And Pretty much, what they do is limited only by your imagination. A custom tile appears on the constituent page (or gift or action – and there will be more in the future) and appears and acts as just like any other of Raiser’s Edge tiles.

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YOUR idea!

Do you have an idea that is specific and completely unique to your organisation? Turn your idea into a custom tile!

We have a framework that makes this easy and cost-effective. For more details feel free to chat to us.

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Address Validation

For New Zealand customers – the Address Validation Tile provides an interactive way to validate new and existing addresses *right* on the Constituent page.

Note – the tile requires a subscription to the Addy address validation API which is setup independently.

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 11.31.22


This tile gives you a “window” displaying a supporter’s Zendesk tickets directly on their Constituent page. Gives a complete constituent view in NXT without the need for a full integration.

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 11.32.08

Relationships Tree

If relationships between supporters is an important part of your donor engagement. This tile displays these in a graphical tree on the constituent’s page meaning your team can VISUALIZE how they fit into the community.

Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 11.31.11

Int. Characters

Need to add data to NXT using Asian or other non-latin characters? This tile adds a range of additional fields to the Constituent Page that can be populated with data using any character set.

The extended fields give you the opportunity to Add, edit and search.


Screenshot 2019-10-04 at 11.32.21

New Tiles coming soon…

We are constantly working on new tiles in order to help and empower you to make your life easier.

Stay tuned for what’s up next.



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