So you’ve decided to get that deck built – and Monday morning, bright and early, you have a tradie at your door.  Except when you let him in, you notice all he’s brought with him is a single hammer. Hang on! you think. Where’s all his tools, where’s all the things he’s going to need to get the job done, where’s his UTE for goodness sake??!!

Because turning up with only one tool to do a complex job isn’t going to work, right?

AND YET when we choose software to make our organisations run smoothly we so often look for the ‘one tool’ that will solve all our problems..

In today’s software universe we have the luxury of choosing multiple tools, each of which does one thing awesomely (like a software drop saw!) and with INTEGRATION we can make all these awesome tools work together as a single solution. It’s a thing of beauty.

Below are some of the tools WE use, and why – and yes, we’re trying to inspire you..

Some tools we use..


Asana kindof keeps our business running.  It handles all the detail in all of the tasks we keep track of day to day.  We even run our sprints and support desk in it.  What we really love is it’s simplicity, which makes it fast in operation and flexible enough to be applied to a huge range of scenarios.


But for all Asana’s mastery of the detail – sometimes we have trouble seeing the wood for the trees! For this we use Trello.  We have a board set up that give us a bird’s eye view of the projects we are working on.  We also use it to store ideas, features and, well, random stuff.  It’s all a bit unstructured and free-form – but that’s what we need – and Trello is VERY good at that!


If you’ve not come across this, you’ll love it! Perfect for big-picture project planning at a week level. We use it to visually plan future capacity and project timelines. Check it out!


Bit hesitant to let you know about this one (everyone needs some secrets!). Qwilr allows us to create super-slick looking proposals, super-fast. It even handles the approval process. But hey, it’s rubbish, don’t use it..


Yep, we’re an integration company and we use Zapier! Actually, we LOVE Zapier – we use it to quickly connect things together and build one-off ‘applications’ for specific tasks from a few basic tools.  You need to use Zapier.  Trust us..


Almost forgot this one – because it’s ALWAYS there! Toggl makes tracking time a reality – transparent enough to actually use – yet with enough reporting to make it useful.  Without toggl, no-one would get billed, and I wouldn’t be writing this!


We remote work.  We couldn’t without #slack. It’s that simple.

The end bit

So there you go – that’s what our Ute full of tools looks like – actually that’s only the more interesting ones – cos no-one’s really that interested in what brand of nails hold your deck together!  

We reckon there’s tools out there that would make YOUR life easier. And when you’ve found them – CONNECT them together! That’s when it REALLY starts working for you.

And if you need help doing that – please get in contact – we LOVE connecting tools and helping organisations get their efficiency on!

Stu Hawkins

About Stu Hawkins

Stu lives in Sydney, Australia and has been to known to actually get quite emotional when he discovers someone has been unnecessarily doing work that their technology could have been doing for them. Other things that get him emotional are the firm expectation that the England football team will one day have two stars on their shirts, the Portugese Restaurant scene in Love Actually, and pretty much anything his granddaughter does..

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