Recurring Giving Converter

Converts existing RE7 Recurring Gifts to Automated NXT gifts in a single pass.

***UPDATE **Already using an external Marketing Automation platform to communicate with your supporters?

Then you already know the benefits of having a platform dedicated to doing this one thing incredibly well. 

Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector connects Raiser’s Edge NXT to a number of popular platforms. giving fully-automated data transfer between the two applications.

What it does…

  • Automatically update any new recurring gifts added through database view as they are entered, ongoing!

screen shot

screen shot


  • Connect the Tile from the Blackbaud Marketplace to your NXT Environment
  • Easily test with a free sample conversion of 10 Gifts
  • In Tile messaging with Red Arc to managing the ongoing conversion of gifts
  • View conversions in the Tile ongoing
  • Activate ongoing sync simply in the Tile