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We believe in ecosystems – but we don’t believe in the connections between them being hard work.

Our marketing automation connector let’s you simply and transparently connect the marketing automation YOU want to use making a complete solution


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What it does

  • Sync data from NXT to your marketing platform
  • Return results (sent emails/SMS’s + associated opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes) as constituent actions.
  • Automatically handle updates resulting from Unsubscribes, bounces etc

Results received will create action records and update constituent data where applicable according to result type and configured preferences.





Built for NXT

Red Arc are Blackbaud Technology Partners and this connector was built in collaboration with the Blackbaud Pacific team. This means we understand the Sky API and it was built with YOUR needs at the forefront.

The connector is offered as a service and will evolve as the Sky API evolves meaning you receive the benefits of new features without engaging additional custom development.


Keep it simple

We configure Red Arc Data to your unique CRM setup and processes when we initially set it up. As part of that implementation – we setup exactly how you would like RE Actions to be created when results are written back into NXT.

From there on in – all the complexity is handled automatically – and you can focus on creating campaigns that engage spectacularly with your supporters with all the heavy lifting going on behind the scenes. 

You’re in great company!

“This is by far the easiest database project we have done so far!”


“We couldn’t, and didn’t, start telemarketing until we had Red Arc.”

Foodbank NSW

“Just wanted to say Red Arc has done a great job, particularly with his – always helpful and happy – customer service”


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