Engagement Tile

Documentation and Setup Guide

The Engagement Tile puts an automated, simple to use Engagement Scoring system RIGHT ON the Constituent Page! It’s completely configurable (because YOU know your organisation, and what’s important to it, best!), displays each constituent’s engagement visually making it immediately accessible to your users. Runs transparently in the background and of course keeps a history of each constituent’s engagement so you can see movement over time.

Install your Engagement Tile in 3 steps:



 Log into Raiser’s Edge NXT

Log into your Raiser’s Edge NXT account. On the menu click on Control Panel -> Applications at the top.


 Enter the Application ID

Find the Engagement Application in the list of available apps and click connect.


 View & Setup your Tile

Open a constituent record where your Engagement Tile will show up. The tile is usually located at the bottom, but can be moved via drag and drop. Finish the setup by following the instructions in the Tile. Read more

Easily determine the engagement of your Constituents in Raiser's Edge NXT in a customised way

Engagement Score

Easily determine the engagement of your Constituents in Raiser’s Edge NXT in a customised way
Easily view what categories make up the total score

Details of Events

Easily view what categories make up the total score

Get started with your Engagement Tile


Authenticate your Engagement Tile


In order to work with your Raiser’s Edge NXT data you need to authenticate your tile once. This is required to read or write your data from or to NXT. Click Start Setup inside the tile and a new window will open for you to Confirm & authenticate and follow instructions. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 1.17.30 pm

First Time Setup


After finishing authentication, you can start configuring your engagement score calculation.

  • The calculation will be based on a constituents inclusion in a category. Each category can be setup by yourself and inclusion is determined by an Raiser’s Edge NXT constituent list. Each category can be assigned a value. 
  • The first time you save the configuration, it will take a few moments to calculate the score and the total score will be saved to the NXT Rating Category selected in the dropdown
  • When you modify the setup by adding, editing, or removing a field, it will re-calculate the score and update the NXT Rating Category.
  • Recalculation of the scores will happen automatically every week as well as the update of the NXT Rating Category.
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Usage and Functionality


The Engagement Tile is very straightforward to use and offers the features below:

  • Easily determine the engagement of your Constituents in Raiser’s Edge NXT in a customised way.
  • Easily modify the score configuration
  • Details of when a constituent retrieve a score under specific category
  • Automatically update Raiser’s Edge NXT Rating Category
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