Segmenter with NationBuilder


Red Arc Segmenter

An ultra-simple tool that produces tiered segmentations in a single operation.

  • Reduce time, save money

  • Increase accuracy with repeatable templates

  • Simplify to make it accessible to all your team

  • Connects directly to NationBuilder

Segmenter with NationBuilder

If you produce complex segmentations for Direct Mail from your nation, Red Arc Segmenter could dramatically streamline this process. Accurate, repeatable segmentations in minutes not hours, available to all your team.

Start Creating Segmentations!

Getting connected is easy – but we understand creating segmentations is a pretty specialised activity – so just fill out the form and we’ll be in contact to guide you through the process, create your unique segment template, and have you creating segmentations in no time at all!!

Why Red Arc Segmenter?

Tiered Segmentation at your finger tips

With  an ultra-simple interface, pre built templates and data automatically updated – ALL your staff will be able to produce detailed segmentations from the first time they log in.

How? Red Arc Segmenter connects directly with your donor database to automatically synchronise your most current data without you having to do anything.

…and Repeat

We set up your unique segmentation template for you – which combined with your latest data mean accurate, repeatable segmentations are available to you at any time. 

Which means you can cut processing time from half a day to half an hour.

1. Simply select your pre built segments

2. Quickly select your exclusions …

3. See your segment counts. It’s that easy!

Red Arc Segmenter is designed to be connected to your source data in a variety of ways. We have a range of CRM connectors out of the box – and as it happens, specialise in integration – so getting you connected will be a breeze!

Want to revolutionise YOUR data preparation?

Just get in touch and we can discuss how Red Arc Segmenter fits into your organisation.

We’re all about the revolution!!

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Already on board …

Organisations already using Red Arc Segmenter to save time, costs and increase efficiencies all to maximise their donor dollars so that their causes have increased impact!