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Stu & Henrietta

“When Henrietta and I found the nonprofit sector, we knew we’d found our people…”

Stu and Henrietta Hawkins, founders, Red Arc

Red Arc is fueled by our passion to help organisations that do good, do *more* good (and our obsession with making complex things simple!). Which is why we build beautiful (simple!) apps that help you work easier and smarter. 

But mostly, you’re family, you’re our tribe – we’re invested in helping you succeed. Our proudest current statistic is that 90% of Letter Box customers are on the Free Forever plan – meaning we’ve been able to materially help (a large number of) organisations find a solution to a problem “on us”.

Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks for the difference you’re making. Thanks for having us along for the journey – we’re loving it!


5 star review
  • Makes Email Marketing a breeze!

    Using Campaign Monitor as our Email Marketing Software, we needed something to bridge the gap between RE and CM – the Email Marketing Connector does just that, fully automating all data processes between the two platforms seamlessly!

    The team are incredibly helpful, from onboarding to support, replies are speedy, friendly, and help with any questions we may have.

    Hospice in the Weald
  • Letter Box is superb! Time saver!

    Letterbox is a great product; the letters can be done in bulk and a pdf of the letter is added to each GIFT for that particular donor; you can also do individual letters and save to the record.
    Red Arc is continuing to enhance the product every day – recent additions are summary letters that you can customize. There is a free version that allows for 5 templates – we started with that and saw the value and upgraded to the premium version (it’s a very reasonable expense) and are so very glad we did.
    Thank you Red Arc for an amazing product!
    Texas Women’s Foundation
  • Measure engagement data in just a few clicks. It's that simple!!

    This out-of-the-box product allows you to quickly develop constituent engagement scores in a matter of seconds. Just open the tile, link to a list, add scoring criteria, and boom, you have an engagement tile that measures how engaged your constituents and prospect are. Each individual is given their own score based on the criteria you set. Completely flexible and customizable for any user regardless of skill level. Highly recommend this product.

    St Norbet College
  • Highly recommended for RE NXT!

    Email Marketing Connector has increased efficiencies for my organization, allowing us to build segments and manage email automation through a smooth integration. Our relationship managers especially love the user interface within the Email Activity tile, providing insights into the email marketing activities and email behaviours of our donors. Once set up, the connection was seamless and easy to set and forget. I highly recommend the connector for integrating RENXT with email marketing systems (Campaign Monitor for us)

    Boys and Girls Clubs