Email Marketing Connector


Your Email Marketing software +  Raiser’s Edge NXT – the perfect combo!  

Seamlessly extend your world-class CRM with world-class email marketing using our Email Marketing Connector.

  • Automatically sync constituents from NXT to your Email Marketing Automation platform
  • Return engagement activity (sent emails + associated opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes) as constituent actions.
  • Automatically handle updates resulting from Unsubscribes, bounces etc

Currently Supported Platforms


Your platform not listed? Please contact us and we’d love to help you get connected.


If you use an external Email Marketing Automation platform to communicate with new and existing supporters you already know the benefits of having a platform dedicated to doing this one thing incredibly well. But if you’re currently relying on manual processes to sync constituents and return engagement activity back to Raiser’s Edge NXT, your experience of the solution as a whole may be less than you had hoped for.

These manual processes take time away from your team and often become so much work they aren’t performed at all, meaning the real result is that it’s not possible to see a complete picture of a supporter’s activity in Raiser’s Edge NXT as that data is not available.

Red Arc’s Marketing Automation Connector connects Raiser’s Edge NXT to a number of popular platforms. The result is fully automated data transfer between the two applications sending constituent data for engagement and returning marketing activity to Raiser’s Edge NXT + automatically managing unsubscribes and comms preferences.

We believe in ecosystems of apps that do one thing amazingly – and we believe that the connections between your ideal apps should make that ecosystem work for you not against you!

Our marketing automation connector lets you simply and transparently connect the marketing automation YOU want to use with NXT creating a complete solution for engaging your supporters.


Data sync from NXT

  • Fields to be transferred are defined by your organisation and based on a list, so that you have all the information you need to make selections within your marketing automation platform. Examples include:
    • Constituent biographical information
    • Constituent giving summaries
    • Custom fields
    • Calculated fields
  • Selections and segmentations are made in the marketing automation platform (using the data fields synchronised) to send campaigns and trigger journeys.
  • Data synchronised daily.

Return marketing actions to NXT

  • Each Email/SMS sent will create an action record for the relevant constituent
  • Opens/Clicks etc will be added to this action record as they occur
  • We have two methods for recording opens etc:
    • In the Notes section of the action (standard)
    • As custom fields within the Action
  • Additional NXT custom fields can also be included in a custom implementation
  • NB custom fields create additional API traffic which could impact NXT API quotas in large volume scenarios

Unsubscribe Management

  • If an unsubscribe is received from the marketing platform this will:
  • Update the action as normal
  • Additionally update communication preferences for the constituent using either
  • Solicit Codes
  • Consent
  • Preferences updated automatically – no need to manually update supporters who have changed their communication desires.

Built for NXT


Red Arc is a Blackbaud Technology Partner and this connector was built in collaboration with the Blackbaud Pacific team. This means we understand the Sky API and it was built with YOUR needs at the forefront.

The connector is offered as a service and will evolve as the Sky API evolves meaning you receive the benefits of new features without engaging additional custom development.

In partnership with Blackbaud Pacific our collaborative goal to develop innovative extensions that enhance Blackbaud products. The partnership has already resulted in a growing number of extensions giving customers like yourselves access to new functionality & niche add-ins + a number of key integrations into Raiser’s Edge NXT. More here