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At Red Arc we believe that every organisation deserves great systems.

More than that, we believe that these systems should TALK to each other,
without YOU having to spend your time making that happen.

We believe in a connected world, where work is more productive and, well, more FUN!
If that’s the kind of world YOU would like to live in – WELCOME – you’ve come to the right place!!

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Some things we learned from going into crazy startup mode (and why we wouldn’t do it again..)

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In January 2018, we became a tech startup. Before that we’d simply been a business, but that was SO 2017. And we definitely *embraced* the culture (hey, if you’re in,…

In praise of limitations

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Integration technology is getting simpler and more available – don’t think it was worth writing a blog just to establish that! Perhaps because of this, there’s now a shift from…

Red Arc Segmenter

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Segmentation is difficult, time consuming and is no-one’s favourite job. Yep, we said it.  And if you’re reading this, you probably already know it’s true. You also probably already know…

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