Letter Box

Easily create and deliver beautiful personalized letters and acknowledgements individually or from a List.
Free FOREVER on the Free Plan

What is Letter Box?

Letter Box is an easy way to create and deliver personalized letters and acknowledgements individually or from a List.

A simple app that works from within Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT.

Letter Box comes in two sizes:
Premium Plan

New Features  

NEW Receipt Number Generator

You can generate receipt numbers for gifts in Letter Box’s Bulk Letters or Auto Send Letters. Receipt numbers will be generated within Letter Box with a customisable receipt stack outside of Raiser’s Edge.
Existing receipt numbers will not be overwritten in any case.

More info here

Receipt Number Generator

NEW Auto Send Letters

Auto Send Letters is the ability to automatically send a constituent an emailed letter when certain events occur (e.g. A new constituent is added, a new gift is added). When setting these up, you can select the specific criteria that needs to exist for the letter to be sent. You can also choose the template name and email subject. More info here.

This is a Premium Plan feature.

Auto Send Letters

Giving Summary Template in Letter Box Premium!

This new Template Type groups all a constituent’s gifts contained in a selected NXT list onto a single letter. Gifts can be listed individually and/or displayed as total values.

This is a Premium Plan feature.

Giving Summary Template


Create Gift & Constituent Templates
Send Letters & Acknowledgements  
Edit Individual Letters
Bulk Letter Runs 
Edit an individual letter in a Bulk Letters run
Conditional Templates
Giving Summary Templates
Auto Send letters
Receipt Number Generator



Check out our Knowledge Base for more information on Letter Box Premium.
If you still have a question, please just get in touch; we’d love to help!

Letter Box user stories

  • We'll be recommending Letter Box to everyone!

    [Our team] …is enjoying the ease of generating and re-generating the receipts.
    Catherine Hamlin Fistula Fnd
  • Functionality that's smart, efficient and easy to use

    We love Letter Box too!!
  • Thank you!

    Thank you for providing it free of charge with so many functions!
    Monte Cassino School
  • I loved the free version so much we upgraded!

    I love the free version so much that I let them know [our team] I would really like to have the email function and more templates available.

    Nappa Land Trust
  • Letter Box is Superb! Time Saver!

    Letterbox is a great product; the letters can be done in bulk and a pdf of the letter is added to each GIFT for that particular donor; you can also do individual letters and save to the record. Red Arc is continuing to enhance the product every day – recent additions are summary letters that you can customize.There is a free version that allows for 5 templates – we started with that and saw the value and upgraded to the premium version (it’s a very reasonable expense) and are so very glad we did.
    Thank you Red Arc for an amazing product!
  • Brilliant Product

    We’ve been using Letterbox for roughly 12 months now and it has been a massive time saver for us with the increasing number of ad hoc receipt requests. The product is constantly being developed and improved with more custom merge fields than when we started using it. This includes us now being able to add in the Receipt Number for these ad hoc receipts. The support team gets back to you within 24 hours and are extremely helpful.
  • Amazing Product

    We love Letterbox! It allows us to do everything that we previously did with the letters in RE and saves copies to the gift so that we can reprint them for the donors whenever it is needed. Their customer service is fantastic.

Pricing in US$

See here for pricing in AU$ and £ 

Free Plan (Free FOREVER)


Individual Constituent Letters
Individual Gift Letters
Bulk Letters with Receipt Number Generator
eSignatures via DocuSign
500 Letters / month
5 Templates

Premium Plan


Individual Constituent Letters
Individual Gift Letters
Bulk Letters
Giving Summary Template
Built-in Email Delivery
Conditional Templates
Auto Send Letters
Receipt Number Generator
2,000 Letters / month
Unlimited Templates

We’ve partnered with DocuSign to add e-Signatures to Letter Box. 

So not only can you easily create and deliver beautiful personalized letters and acknowledgements individually or from a List.
You can also
easily and professionally send, sign and manage your agreements end-to-end with DocuSign. 

Available on the Free FOREVER Plan. With a DocuSign account


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