There’s a tile for that



Are you convinced that if only NXT did “xyz” your job would become easier?  

Or are you looking for a feature SO niche you doubt whether it’s even possible to develop it??

Well Blackbaud have done an incredible thing and have made it possible to not just have regular tiles on your NXT pages – but to create CUSTOM ones too.

They look & feel exactly like native Blackbaud – but are actually little apps in the background – meaning the only limitation is your imagination!!

More details in our blog post 

How do you get one?

There are heaps already built that do stuff that will help you do your job easier.

Check them out on the Sky App Marketplace

OR looking for something that doesn’t exist yet or is completely unique to your organisation – that’s why they’re called custom tiles!! Tell us what you’re looking for below – we think they could be the answer 🙂


Engagement Tile – NOW available for Early Access

The brand new Engagement Tile puts an automated, simple to use Engagement Scoring system RIGHT ON the Constituent Page!

Click here for more information

Tell us about your dream tile…

They’re called custom tiles for a reason – because they can be completely custom! If you’re looking for a feature that doesn’t exist yet or is TOTALLY unique to your organisation – tell us about it below.

Currently using a Tile for that…
Auckland University of Technology
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Black Dog Institute
Emmanuel College, Cambridge University
California State University - Fullerton
Great Barrier Reef Foundation
Edinburgh Napier University


Many more

 Want to know more about the endless possibilities of RE NXT Tiles?