Announcing Red Arc’s BPAY CRN Generator

Do you need to generate unique BPAY CRNs for your supporters? Are you fed up with having to do this manually? Do you wish that every new constituent simply “gets” a BPAY CRN automatically?!


Enter Red Arc’s BPAY CRN Generator!!

As you’d expect, a super-simple app you install from the Blackbaud Marketplace, set a few options, switch it on, then every time you add a new constituent they will receive a unique CRN – without you having to do anything.

First of many…

This is the first app to use our new trigger technology. Here’s what it does: when something happens in RE NXT, our app does something in response. This could be a new constituent (as in this case), a new gift, an updated constituent code – you get the idea 🙂 Expect more to follow (and let us know if there’s something you’d like to automate)!!

BPAY Screenshot

The app goes live on the Marketplace in September. Got questions? Just get in touch!