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Call Box

Call directly from your constituent page!

Make calls directly from the constituent page!

“You’re doing exactly what you should be right now, taking time to reach out to show your supporters some love.
And you just found one that needs a call. 

Instead of reaching for the phone, dialing the number, then making sure you remember to record it as an action and take notes – Call Box does all of that for you, just by clicking Call!”

Reach out in the moment


Want to thank that major donor for the generous gift they made? Or tell a regular giver the difference their ongoing support means? Seize the moment!

Call Box makes it so simple to reach out, it makes engaging effortless and leaves your key donors feeling the warm and fuzzies.

Press the Call button!



Make the call directly from the constituent page – no need to dial on your phone – and the calls even come from your own number!

Just make that call!

Log the call



No more having to remember to log that awesome conversation. Call Box does it for you automatically. And even prompts you to add some pertinent notes 🙂

This frees YOU up to thinking about how to give some love to your other supporters.