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The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a globally recognised and respected university and was founded on the donations of local people who had a vision of a brighter future for the region. As part of developing their strategic goal of digitisation UOW upgraded from RE 7 to RE NXT and moved to Campaign Monitor as their dedicated email marketing platform using Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector to seamlessly integrate the two.

In terms of time saved it now takes on average a minute to globally add actions for 2000 people. So every email sent saves anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

How the University of Wollongong seamlessly extended their RE NXT to Campaign Monitor with Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector

UOW knew in implementing a dedicated email marketing platform they would lose the convenience of connection between their two existing Blackbaud products and as to how software from a third party would work with RE NXT.  The main concern was they didn’t want to waste valuable resources manually importing data. 

However, after being recommended to Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector by fellow university, the University of Wellington and hearing from Red Arc themselves at BBCON UOW realised they were now able to move ahead and chose Campaign Monitor using Red Arc’s Connector to connect with RE NXT. Once UOW chose Campaign Monitor they were confident Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector would provide them with the seamless integration they were used to and more, and they were not disappointed.

“The only reason we went with Campaign Monitor is because of the integration Red Arc provided.” – Wollongong University.

“We have automatic integration now from Campaign Monitor to RE NXT/RE7. This has reduced the manual work load expected and has increased data integrity/accuracy.” – Wollongong University

After implementing Email Marketing Connector, UOW has been able to not only reduce workload in processing data, and have confidence that the data is accurate, but they have been able to track results better, allowing them to segment emails more effectively. Meaning they have been able to save time and use their resources more efficiently. They are able to track opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes automatically, with data syncing across Campaign Monitor and RENXT. 

One of the key KPIs UOW is now tracking that they couldn’t before measuring the engagement KPIs for the eDMs that are sent. Plus the core metrics they measure has been made easier being stored in custom fields.

“The new feature of integrating unsubscribes and bounces from CM to RE has been really helpful as we can see what the constituents are unsubscribing from. We are using this data for better segmentation of emails.” Wollongong University

Lastly, UOW favourite feature that they use most frequently is the new email marketing tile and they “enjoy the neat integration we have with actions and custom fields within RENXT”

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