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Simple yet powerful app that automatically calculates your supporters’ engagement based on your NXT data and displays it VISUALLY in a tile keeping all your team in the loop…

Knowing your people allows you to reach out to:

The right people

With the right message

At the right time!

You already knew that right?! But regularly collecting the data to do that is time-consuming and often complicated, meaning it doesn’t always get done, meaning your communications aren’t always achieving what you hoped they would!

Use Cases

Check out how Aukland University of Technology and Fenwick High School set up their Engagement scoring models and how they apply them to their day to day supporter engagement strategy. 

“It is so good I am tempted to keep it a total secret.“

“It is so good I am tempted to keep it a total secret.“

We recently talked to Craig, the Director of Advancement Business Intelligence at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand about their recent trial and why they decided to continue using Engagement Tile to score their constituents. He responded:

“It is so good I am tempted to keep it a total secret “

AUT is now using it to immediately visualise their key constituents so they can manage the implementation of an effective stewardship program as well as manage “forgotten donors” with a small team.

Check out some key takeaways from our Q&A. We hope it encourages you!

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See a constituent's engagement right on their page

Engagement Tile

See a constituent’s engagement right on their page
Easily view what makes up the total score

Drill into the detail!

Easily view what makes up the total score
See the big picture with the Engagement dashboard

Engagement Dashboard

See the big picture with the Engagement dashboard
Measure what's important to YOUR organisation

Fully configurable

Measure what’s important to YOUR organisation

The Engagement Tile puts an automated, simple to use Engagement Scoring system RIGHT ON the Constituent Page!

It’s completely configurable (because YOU know your organisation, and what’s important to it, best!), displays each constituent’s engagement visually making it immediately accessible to your users.

It runs transparently in the background and keeps a history of each constituent’s engagement so you can see movement over time.

PLUS there’s an Engagement dashboard to see the big picture and the scores are written back to RE so you can report on them and more…

New multiple scoring configuations

As we’ve been chatting with organisations that want to score their supporter’s engagement we realised that engagement for your Bequest program looks very different to Regular Giving. Or maybe you are a university with several different colleges, each with their own culture – and engagement looks very different for each of those too. We recognised the need to set up different scoring configurations for different units or functions was important!

You can now set up a complete configuration for each one including:

  • Scoring model
  • Rankings
  • Each score total has its own custom field
  • Dashboards
  • And even the Tile itself!

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