Engagement Tile

Know your people


If you’re here – you already know that measuring your supporters engagement with your organisation allows you to optimise who to reach out to and maximise your campaign’s impact

But regularly collecting the data to do that is time consuming and often complicated, meaning it doesn’t always get done, meaning your communications aren’t always going to the right people!

See a constituent's engagement right on their page

Engagement Tile

See a constituent’s engagement right on their page
Easily view what makes up the total score

Drill into the detail!

Easily view what makes up the total score

The Engagement Tile puts an automated, simple to use Engagement Scoring system RIGHT ON the Constituent Page!

It’s completely configurable (because YOU know your organisation, and what’s important to it, best!), displays each constituent’s engagement visually making it immediately accessible to your users.

It runs transparently in the background and of course keeps a history of each constituent’s engagement so you can see movement over time.

What it does

  • Automatically calculates scores weekly in the background
  • Completely configurable – you choose the attributes you want to track and how much weight to give them
  • Keeps a history of a constituent’s score
  • Score displayed visually with details in an NXT Tile
  • Score also updates to a Constituent Rating

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