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Letter Box

Easily create and deliver personalized letters and acknowledgements individually or in bulk from an NXT List.

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A simple app that works from within Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT. Designed with the whole team’s needs in mind, meaning your supporters get beautiful communications while your team get on with all their other tasks!

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Create individual letters and acknowledgements straight from the record

Creating a personalized letter or gift acknowledgement for one of your supporters is as easy as:

  • Selecting a template
  • Choosing email or download
  • Clicking Create! 

Welcome letters, forms, receipts – all directly from a tile on the record. And you don’t even need to remember to track what you did – the app will automatically:

  • Create a Constituent action or mark the Gift as acknowledged
  • Add the PDF to the record as an attachment

Or generate in bulk from a List

Need to create your regular gift acknowledgement run or send a letter to a group of constituents? Have the records in a List?? Sorted…

Bulk Letters enables simple generation of acknowledgement, letter or anything-else batches. All managed right inside RE NXT!

  • Select an NXT List and a template
  • Personalized PDFs are generated for download or email
  • Constituent actions are added or Gifts as marked as acknowledged automatically so you have a record

Create and manage your templates

The app has its own built-in editor meaning you can create and manage your templates.

  • Beautiful easy to use HTML editor with all the features 🙂
  • Add merge fields from RE NXT
  • Manage default templates for different scenarios
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Another way we’d love to help you make your job easier is with our Email Marketing Connector

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Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector allows you to seamlessly extend Raiser’s Edge NXT to employ a dedicated email marketing platform. 

You work with two amazing platforms, the connector transparently does all the hard work of making them operate as a single solution.