Automated Recurring Gift Conversion


A migration tool to easily convert manual recurring gifts to web view Automated Recurring Gifts. Supports initial one-off + ongoing real-time conversion.

What it does…

The conversion tool makes possible:

  • One-off conversion of your existing recurring gifts
  • Automated ongoing real-time conversion of newly added gifts All controlled right inside our NXT app. With the initial conversion of your existing gifts managed by Red Arc.
Configure how and what recurring gifts will be converted in the Conversion Centre.
Configure how and what recurring gifts will be converted in the Conversion Centre.
View History allows you to see the status of processed recurring gifts
View History allows you to see the status of processed recurring gifts

Why convert to automated recurring gifts?

A recurring gift created in the database view requires manual payment processing. To save time and eliminate the need to manually process payments, you can convert it to an automatic recurring gift in the web view

One-off batch 

The benefits of automated recurring gifts are clear – but to convert your existing gifts without a migration tool necessitates you making that conversion for each gift individually.
Our tool enables bulk conversion of *all* your existing gifts, and better still, the conversion is managed by Red Arc safeguarding your valuable recurring income.

Automated Ongoing
Real-time Conversion

In addition – if you plan to continue to add gifts through database view – you can set the tool to automatically convert these to web view automated gifts AS THEY ARE ADDED.
This means you can continue to use your existing gift creation processes and have these result in automated recurring gifts without any additional manual processing 🙂

Pricing in AU$

One-off batch conversion up
to 5,000 conversions


Over 5K conversions?

+ 5K additional gifts: 25c/conversion

+ 10K additional gifts: 22c/conversion

+ 20K additional gifts: 20c/conversion

Above 20K additional gifts POA

Ongoing real-time conversions including 500 conversions/month


Payable annually

Have less to convert?
We’ve got you covered

One-off batch conversion
including 500 conversions



Ongoing real-time conversions including 50 conversions/month


Payable annually

How the migration works…

To get started – simply connect the app from the marketplace. The app is the control centre where everything else takes place.

  1. Once you’ve filled in your details, you will be able to convert a sample selection of your gifts to see how the process works.
  2. To go ahead and convert all your existing recurring gifts – simply contact us.
  3. The entire process is managed by Red Arc, with full visibility of the conversion progress and converted gift status right inside your NXT app. We will convert in phases, according to YOUR schedule allowing you to validate as the migration progresses.
  4. Optionally, once your existing gifts are converted, switch on real-time conversions to automatically convert new gifts as they are entered.
  5. Enjoy automated recurring gift processing and all the time you have recovered!

Frequently Asked Questions