Telemarketing made easy.

Preparing data for telemarketing takes too long!

It keeps your team bogged down in day-to-day tasks and wastes valuable time and money.
So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just create a campaign then all your data goes to & from the call centre automatically?

With Red Arc Data you can do exactly that…

Red Arc Data – Phone

No more files!

Campaigns are setup inside Red Arc, then you simply press Send to deliver this directly to your call centre. Once set up, the call results flow automatically back to the same campaign, then into your CRM without you having to do anything.

This not only gives you back all the time your organization currently spend doing this, It also increases accuracy and makes the process repeatable – you don’t need to make sure you’ve followed all the steps each time!


Red Arc Data – Phone

Be part of an ecosystem

Don’t just build an integration – become part of an ECOSYSTEM!

Red Arc Data is designed to make it simple for Charities and Call Centres to connect using a Common Standard meaning we don’t all re-invent the integration wheel!

An investment in Red Arc Data now allows you to connect to the call centres below, with a single connection your side. And there’s more coming soon…


Red Arc Data – Phone

Keep it simple

We love data teams – but wouldn’t it be awesome for everyone if fundraising teams had a system that allowed them setup campaigns themselves? That would give them freedom and free up valuable time for the tech team.

Red Arc Data makes this possible by automating all the heavy lifting of moving data behind the scenes, resulting in a simple tool that can be used across the organisation

Red Arc Data – Phone

Built for your organisation

We want to make it easy for you to deliver consistent data to the call centre ecosystem. And we also know that your organisation is unique. So when we setup your system, we take the time to understand your data, then build your connector so that you can have your cake AND eat it!

  • Feed in your unique data
  • Send standardised data to the call centre
  • Write back results into your system in the same unique way!

We work with the major NonProfit CRM suppliers – just get in contact to discuss how we can make it work for you.


Happy customers happy life …

Automatically sync constituents from NXT to your Email Marketing Automation platform

Return engagement activity (sent emails + associated opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes) as constituent actions.

Automatically handle updates resulting from Unsubscribes, bounces etc.

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