Shopify for Raiser’s Edge NXT

Connect your Shopify store to Raiser’s Edge NXT so you can see your supporters’ purchasing activity right where you work, helping you know them better! Try now with a free trial!

Shopify for Raisers Edge
Three easy steps to get started... (7)

Three easy steps to get started…

1. Connect the app from right here, with the Connect button on the left and start your 14 day free trial

2. Simple in app setup – just follow our guides

3. If you love how the app helps you – upgrade right inside the app.
The standard subscription, including 5,000 orders, is US$79 per mth


The app does exactly what we need it to and since setting it up I haven’t had to interact with it again, it just works. Very happy with it.


Anyone who uses Raiser’s Edge and has Shopify – Please get the app, It’s phenomenal!

Shopify Tile

Key to the app is its Constituent Tile meaning all your team will have access to a visual, easy-to-find tile on every constituent page containing everything you need to give the full picture of their Shopify activity

The tile gives you: – Purchase summary – Individual orders – Links back to Shopify to view extended information on each order.

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 4.27.33 pm
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 4.30.52 pm

Transfer Orders as Gifts

When an order is created on your Shopify Store this is automatically transferred to Raiser’s Edge NXT as a gift. The app contains settings for gift type and categorisation. Once set up – you won’t need to do anything – the orders will simply appear in RE NXT.

Create constituents from Orders

Shopify for Raiser’s Edge NXT can automatically create new constituents for you when a supporter doesn’t already exist in RE. New constituents are identified with a Constituent Code you select. And new for this launch – you can even specify a threshold which supporters need to meet before transfer – so only the supporters that meet your criteria are transferred 🙂
Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 4.33.32 pm
Shopify for RE NXT