Campaign Monitor for Raiser’s Edge

Better Together

Seamlessly extend your Raiser’s Edge NXT with Campaign Monitor using our Email Marketing Connector.
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Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector allows you to seamlessly extend Raiser’s Edge NXT to employ a dedicated email marketing platform. You work with two amazing platforms, the connector transparently does all the hard work of making them operate as a single solution.

Campaign Monitor for RE NXT

Why Email Marketing Connector?

Better Together. Using a platform that is dedicated to email marketing will almost always give more sophistication and control than marketing features built into a CRM. But great platforms, if they aren’t integrated, usually create more of a problem than a solution! Enter the Email Marketing Connector…

All constituent activity, all in one place. Seeing the full picture of a supporter’s activity, including marketing activity, in RE is critical to effectively engaging with them. The connector makes this happen without you having to do anything, meaning that information is “just there”

No more data requests. Your marketing platform will always have its own up to date constituent information from RE so you can create campaigns and start journeys without requesting data from the db team. Additionally, this can include details you specify such as donation highlights and other constituent information giving you the granular information you need to accurately segment and include as content in your campaigns.

Know who wants to be contacted!
Not knowing a supporter has unsubscribed from a marketing email can be awkward if you contact them directly from RE. The connector keeps RE up to date to so you don’t need to worry about it.

Customer Story


The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a globally recognised and respected university. As part of developing their strategic goal of digitisation UOW upgraded from RE 7 to RE NXT and moved to Campaign Monitor as their dedicated email marketing platform using Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector to seamlessly integrate the two.

  • In terms of time saved it now takes on average a minute to globally add actions for 2000 people. So every email sent saves anywhere between 5-10 minutes.
  • They are able to track opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes automatically, with data syncing across Campaign Monitor and RE NXT. 
  • One of the key KPIs UOW is now tracking that they couldn’t before is measuring the engagement KPIs for the eDMs that are sent.
  • Plus the core metrics they measure has been made easier being stored in custom fields.

Read more of the story here.


1. Email Activity Sync

Email Activity and actions

Emails sent from Campaign Monitor are returned to RE NXT in two ways:

Email Activity Tile

This is designed to be a super-visual tile sitting right on the constituent page enabling any of your team to instantly see all activity in Campaign Monitor for that constituent. It displays a continuous stream of activity, showing each send, open, click as a separate item

Constituent Actions

To enhance the visual benefits of having a tile – you will likely also want to have that information stored within RE NXT so that you can combine it with other RE data for reporting and analysis.

To accomplish this – the connector creates a standard Constituent Action containing details of the campaign, send date + open/click info for each email sent.

3. Unsubscribe Management

unsubscribe management
  • Unsubscribes received from Campaign Monitor update communication preferences for the constituent using either a:
  • Solicit Code
  • Consent Entry
  • Preferences are updated automatically – no need to manually update supporters who have unsubscribed
  • Specific codes can be set up for individual Campaign Monitor lists.

2. Sync constituents to Campaign Monitor

multiple list syncs SS

The connector allows you to create a parallel pool of constituents in Campaign Monitor kept automatically up to date with RE NXT. This pool is designed so you can include the fields you need so you have all the information needed to create segments and start journeys right inside Campaign Monitor.

  • Fields to be transferred are defined by yourselves, giving you complete control.
  • Examples include:
  • constituent biographical information
  • constituent giving summaries
  • RE NXT custom fields
  • Overall filters can also be added if, for example, you have constituents in RE NXT that you never email so do not want to have these in Campaign Monitor adding to the contact count.

Multi list sync support – NEW

Setup multiple Queue exports and connect each of those to different lists in your chosen Email Marketing platform.

Whilst we recommend a primary pool of contacts in Campaign Monitor then creating segments using the additional field data contained within that pool. The multi-list sync allows you to create additional lists for specific purposes eg a newsletter or other clearly defined sets of constituents.

4. Add new subscribers to RE NXT

Addnew subs CMOnly SS
  • To enable flexible acquisition workflows, new subscribers to Campaign Monitor can be synced to RE NXT as new constituents
  • To control which subscribers are transferred – this can be set up for individual lists in Campaign Monitor
  • Basic deduplication is included to determine whether the subscriber already exists in RE NXT.