Customer Sucess Story

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Auckland University of Technology

How satisfied are you with
Engagement Tile to this point?

“Very satisfied.”

Q&A with Auckland University

AUT is the second-largest university in New Zealand and has been a university since 2000, and a place of learning for 120 years. AUT recently finished their trial of Engagement Tile and are now using it to immediately visualise their key constituents so they can manage the implementation of an effective stewardship program as well as manage “forgotten donors” with a small team.

We talked to Craig, the Director of Advancement Business Intelligence about their recent trial and why they decided to continue using Engagement Tile to score their constituents.

What is your main goal for using Engagement Tile as a university?

“To automate the identification of stewardship priorities & potential future donors.”

Why did you decide to trial the Engagement Tile?

“It looked as though it would save lots of time doing exports, creating scores in Excel then importing Custom Fields or Ranking Scores.”

How would you describe the trial experience?

“Once I got my head around having to create the lists first then apply those to the tile then no problems and it also structured thoughts on how to rank our constituents.”

What convinced you to buy the Engagement Tile?

“We immediately (with fairly poor lists defined) could see key constituents and the ease and flexibility of implementation and its direct integration into RE (no need for external manipulation of data).”

How do you see Engagement Tile helping you with those challenges as a university?

“The scoring and ranking will hopefully allow us to allocate scarce resources to maximum effect.”

What challenges are you trying to solve with Engagement Tile?

“Managing the implementation of an effective stewardship programme and moves management of prospects of “forgotten donors” with a small team.”

How likely are you to recommend Engagement Tile to another university?

“It is so good I am tempted to keep it a total secret!”

What feature/option could we add to make your experience better?

“It would be nice to be able to create more than one score using different list.  I am thinking Stewardship Requirement Score vs. Likely Donor Score.”