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Email Marketing Connector

UOW has been able to not only reduce workload in processing data, and have confidence that the data is accurate, but they have been able to track results better.

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a globally recognised and respected university and was founded on the donations of local people who had a vision of a brighter future for the region. As part of developing their strategic goal of digitisation UOW upgraded from RE 7 to RE NXT and moved to Campaign Monitor as their dedicated email marketing platform using Red Arc’s Email Marketing Connector to seamlessly integrate the two.

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Aparna Krishnan
Database and Finance Coordinator


AUT (Auckland University of Technology) completed a free trial and chose to purchase Engagement Tile thanks to its usefulness to the University.

Craig from AUT talked to us about his experience, “It looked as though it would save lots of time doing exports, creating scores in Excel then importing Custom Fields or Ranking Scores. The scoring and ranking will hopefully allow us to allocate scarce resources to maximum effect.”

When asked, what convinced you to subscribe to Engagement Tile? Craig said, “The ease and flexibility of implementation and its direct integration into RE (no need for external manipulation of data).”

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Craig Whitehead
Director of Advancement Business Intelligence


I had planned to buy this affordable tile and the one day I was without was one too many!

I loved the built-in Relationship Tree in the database view of Raiser’s Edge. As I try to rely more on the web view portion of RE NXT not having that view was a loss for me. And then at bbcon a few years ago I learned of Red Arc’s Relationships Tree and started the free trial.

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Elizabeth Johnson
Development Operations Manager

Breakthrough Foundation wanted the ability to be able to automatically update email activity and unsubscribe, as well as be able to individualise donor journeys, based on the data from Raiser’s Edge NXT, and needed a way to have this information integrated with Campaign Monitor.

They had three frustrations they wanted to fix, with three goals:

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Custom app

We went from an average of 5 minutes per gift to about half that with Quick Gift Entry

One of our strategic objectives is to run a leaner and more agile operation and to eliminate wasted time and costs. We needed a quick way to accept donations, process credit card payments and send receipts and gift certificates by email.


Abdul Fattah Abu – Human Appeal Australia