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VISUALISE your constituents’ relationships

With the Relationships Tree, you are able to get a visual representation of your constituents’ relationships and see them come to life!

A list is great – but to really get to know how your supporters CONNECT with each other, so you can bring your people together, you need to SEE it.

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Free 14-day trial!

The Relationships Tree is completely free for you to try for 14 days. After that, if you’d like to keep visualising your constituents’ relationships – simply subscribe from ONLY $10/mth per organisation here.
Relationships Tree


Don’t just listen to us.

Read about how Elizabeth from The Putney School in Vermont has been using Relationships Tree to see the important relationships in the organisation and identify any flaws in their data.

“The visualization is so pleasing and helpful to see the important relationship and also pick up flaws in the data! I had planned to buy this affordable tile and have to say the one day I was without was one too many.”

Check out her full story here, we found it so encouraging!

  • We love your product!

    “I seriously couldn’t go a day without it.” 

    Putney School

Relationships Tree

Relationship Tree Logo

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