Customer Sucess Story

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Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation is Australia’s only dedicated mental health research foundation. Supporting groundbreaking research that will help to transform the lives of those affected by mental health issues. As a newer charity, they are continually testing what works for them on a cost-effective model and are looking to increase their digital presence and with around 10,000 donors that would be receiving emails, they needed as much automation as possible.


Breakthrough wanted the ability to be able to automatically update email activity and unsubscribe, as well as be able to individualise donor journeys, based on the data from Raiser’s Edge NXT, and needed a way to have this information integrated with Campaign Monitor.

They had three frustrations they wanted to fix, with three goals:

  • Increased time
    As their digital strategy continued to grow, manually updating data from one system to another was time-consuming and unsustainable for long term growth.
  • Data integrity
    With a goal of 100% compliant and accurate data, relying on an individual to ensure data was updated in a timely and accurate manner was no longer an option. Breakthrough pride themselves on their data integrity and rely on it to be accurate, so it was important to them to have this as close to 100% as possible.
  • Donor experience 
    Breakthrough are all about a positive donor experience. With no automated data, there was the potential for a poor donor experience and inaccurate data, impacting not only their donors but the team as well.

How Email Marketing Connector helped overcome these frustrations

Breakthrough found the Connector didn’t just update the information from one system to another, it also allowed them to import different donor data fields from Raisers Edge to Campaign Monitor, which gave them the ability to create customised emails based on the data, rather than having to import a separate list from one system to another.
This allowed them to create automated workflow emails.
Ensuring that every communication we send has purpose and this allows us to target the right audience.

It made their job easier.

The time savings accrued by no longer: 
  • manually updating emails sent and unsubscribes
  • needing to create a list based on certain donor criteria in NXT,  exporting then importing the same list into Campaign Monitor to create it. All email lists can now be created directly in Campaign Monitor.
A favourite feature is the field imports from Raisers Edge to Campaign Monitor. Having the ability to have all the data from their database updated automatically in Campaign Monitor now means they now can create automated workflow emails and test what works for them, with little expense and time.
It is a very exciting feature that enables us to grow our digital platform even further.

So overall?

COVID-19 has pushed a lot of organisations to review their digital strategy. Breakthrough understand there is a place for both Direct Mail and Digital Fundraising, however, like a lot of organisations, whilst they had a lot of data and information to support their DM strategy, they lacked the data history in the digital world. So, having digital systems that connect and provide accurate data, has allowed them to begin testing campaigns and gain insight immediately.
Overall the gain since implementing Email Marketing Connector has been:
  • More time for the team to get on with what they need to do, rather than regular repetitive tasks
  • Data accuracy
  • The ability to start testing different campaigns and success rates to improve the donor experience.