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Welcome to the Red Arc Expo

15+ NXT apps to help you work easier and smarter. Including…

Easily create and deliver beautiful personalized letters and acknowledgements individually or from a List. Free FOREVER on the Free Plan

The SIMPLE, automated way to connect Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, or Autopilot, to Raiser’s Edge NXT and “do more” with your digital communications!

Simple yet powerful app that automatically calculates your supporters’ engagement based on your NXT data and displays it VISUALLY in a tile keeping all your team in the loop…

Shopify for Raiser’s Edge

Connect your Shopify store to Raiser’s Edge NXT so you can see your supporters’ purchasing activity right where you work, helping you know them better!

Automated Recurring Gift Conversion

Migration tool to easily convert manual recurring gifts to web view Automated Recurring Gifts. Supports initial one-off + ongoing real-time conversion.

+ More

We have over 15 apps that will help you do your job easier.

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Each one has a free trial so why not check them out on the Blackbaud Marketplace

New Letter Box Feature 

Letter Box- Auto send letters

Letter Box Auto Send Letters

Auto Send Letters is the ability to automatically send a constituent an emailed letter when certain events occur (e.g. A new constituent is added, a new gift is added). When setting these up, you can select the specific criteria that needs to exist for the letter to be sent. You can also choose the template name and email subject.

Note: This feature is only available on the Premium Plan.

The Red Arc Drop Bear Hunt

Welcome to the Red Arc Drop Bear Hunt 2023

The Drop Bear Hunt is open June 6th & 7th

Here at Red Arc, we are passionate about the preservation of the Drop Bear;
if you’ve been to any of our demos, or watched our videos on YouTube, you may have seen some of our Drop Bear Letters!

Look up and live!


Partner Integrations 

Civic Champs 

This integration with Raiser’s Edge NXT automatically syncs volunteer information and history through custom tiles on your home dashboard and constituent profiles.

DocuSign for NXT

DocuSign eSignature for Raiser’s Edge NXT allows users to send, sign, track and receive documents electronically, without ever leaving the system.

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Blackbaud Integrations 

Blackbaud Grantmaking to Raiser’s Edge NXT

Blackbaud Award Management to Raiser’s Edge NXT